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Marque Bretagne
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The garden

Opening of the “ Walk-around - the Gardens ” project

This year 2010 is that of the inauguration of a 55 acres promenade round the Castle Gardens and the creation of the “Friends of Kergroadez Gardens” society. Located at the westernmost point of continental France the site enjoys a mild west Gulf Stream climate allowing a wide ranging, heterogeneous varieties of plants very rarely found in septentrional Europe.

Mostly bearing woods and fields today, the grounds will evolve along the years. Touring them will be planned so that children can play, nature-lover grown-ups can find eye-pleasing collections of plants and botanists can experiment. Eventually, 10.000 trees and thickets will be implanted. This garden project will offer privileged wandering in the beauty of the surroundings based on the existing mixed biodiversity : wet areas, dry ones, undergrowths, windy places, sheltered ones...

A unique attractive gorgeous place : showing in the same scene the lovely environment of gardens of different tones and inspiration.
A botanical benefit : create an original unity though the aggregation of various species put together.
A passion to share : the owners of the place wish to share their love for trees and do useful work showing their visitors with effective power in an incentive context how trees are important for the generations to come.

Creating and restoring have already started !

Completed today

  • 2008 : the medicinal herb garden

  • 2010 :
    - plantation of 250 apple-tree stocks for a future conservatory
    - a 500-feet hedgerow has been planted leading to the fish preserve
    - an 82-feet thicket of 25 alder buckhorn, yoke-elm, holly and viburnum heads to delimit the Old Manor House garden
    - draining of the pond, building of an islet, and refilling
    - clearing of the undergrowth of the “Hairy” meadow.

In process and to come soon

  • October 2010 : plantation of 5.000 horn-beams  in the garden of games.
  • 2011  : “Land's End Gardens” (Finis Terrae) : exotic species from Tasmania, New-Zealand and Patagonia.

Plans still in progress

  • Carrying out of a collection of rhododendrons, camellias hydrangeas and magnolias.
    - Studies for a collection of ferns.
    - Studies for a collection of chusqueas (Andean bamboo).
    - Planting  trees in the view to study the incidence of climate changes (a thought for the future). 

The arboreal promenade, open to all, allows to discover the beauty of Kergroadez : Historical Mall, pool, fish tank, brook, pigeon-house, wash-house ...mark the visit. Don't miss the outstanding trees, the oak avenue leading to the Castle, the famous holly in the Pigeon-house Wood and the several century old Beech-tree. The tour is also the opportunity to admire the Castle building from different angles thanks to the many points of view it offers.

To become a friend of kergroadez :
The society “Les amis des jardins de Kergroadez” aims at helping the planning, designing and achieving  the “Kergroadez Gardens”,  botanical research, studying and initiating sientific conventions.
To join us :
- mail to  kergroadez@voila.fr or
- fill in a form, available at the Kergroadez Gardens House
- post  to “Les jardins de Kergroadez” 29810 BRELES
- tel: (+33)
- Annual subscription : € 5